Our breeding program includes German Shepherds, Dutch Shepherds, and Belgian Malinois, registered either AKC or recognized KNPV.  Our dogs live with us in our home, and are never kept outdoors in a kennel. All of our puppies are raised in a home atmosphere around family members and other animals, and are familiarized with all the sounds and excitement that comes with daily life.



We believe that every moment spent with an animal is teaching him something positive or negative.  Therefore, daily and consistent work is required for a stable foundation in any training program.  Each training plan is individualized to the pup and his owner, depending on what the owner desires.  Basic and advanced obedience is the cornerstone to a well-balanced and loyal companion and opens the opportunity for further training in sports competition, home protection, and service for the disabled.


If you are looking more in the direction of an import, we can help.  We have several trusted and reputable breeders that have established relationships with breeders in other countries.  Whether you are looking for a puppy or an adult dog, and whether you are interested in currently bred, trained at a certain level, and/or history of successful competition, we are happy to assist you.